Jun 12 2014

Which Over the Counter Stimulants are Comparable to Adderall from Herbs?

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If you go around any supermarket near your house, you will find that a lot of Americans are inclined towards over the counter supplements. There are innumerable energy supplements and over the counter stimulants which you will come across these markets. Over the counter supplements have become the fastest selling categories among the other supplements in the world. The main and common reason behind the popularity of the pills is that everybody including men, women and young people are in need of more energy in today’s stressed out world. Whether this notion is right or wrong, but it is sure that the life today is chaotic and stressful than it was earlier. And hence, the thought of energy pills has turned out to be appealing. But, there are many people who still have confusing regarding these pills whether they work or not. There are some over the counter supplements which help people to some extent. However, one must be really carefully before choosing a supplement; otherwise you will not just lose dollars but can also go through serious problems.

To help you know about over the counter stimulants which are similar to Adderall and are made from herbs, this piece of article will help you to understand every bit about OTC supplements.

How do these herbal supplements work?

Before you come out with your shopping items you should know what exactly are over the counter supplements, and what kind of energy pill you are finding. Well, according to the experts the meaning of energy means a lot from different perspectives. If you are a professional athlete you need energy to give your best in less time. And if you are a normal person then you will need energy to work without getting tired often. Hence, the kind of OTC supplement for the former person would not suit the requirements of the latter one. Even the ingredients of the products will not disclose much to you. There are over dozens of components in every product, which vary by different terms. Unless you are an expert like a chemist or botanist, you will not understand the working of the ingredients. But, one thing which can be understood by average people is if the ingredients are herbal then there is no risk of side effects.

In order to make the things easy and simple, the ingredients of energy supplements are classified into three main categories.

  1. Stimulants: These improve the metabolism level.
  2. Substances: These affect the metabolism, particularly figures out how body cells make use of energy from the nutrients.
  3. Calories: These are basic fuel which the human body makes use of to run.

All these components work differently, but the energy supplements will combine the components of all these categories.

Over the counter herbal products for weight loss?

Yes, OTC herbal products will not just help you in boosting energy but will also reduce your weight. But, do you wonder how these supplements work for weight loss, let us see how-

  • These supplements increase urination and also bowel movements
  • Increases the serotonin levels which is a chemical to tell that there is no hunger
  • It stimulates the nervous system which in turn helps to work faster.

However, these herbal OTC stimulants will not help anyone with permanent solutions of weight loss. These herbal products also contain various components, among them some lead to side effects and some result in serious health issues. There are many people who manufacture and distribute herbal OTC herbal products like Adderall, but they don’t have proper knowledge about the products and will not be able to help disclose the side effects of these drugs. There are some herbal OTC manufacturers who come out with false claims.

Some of the OTC stimulants similar to Adderall

It is not just Adderall which can help you to make your immune system stronger and reduce your weight, there are many other supplements too which are mentioned below:

  1. Focus pep

This is another popular OTC stimulant which can increase your focus and energy to improve your performance to study, work and even in workouts. This product provides similar benefits as adderall does such as improved productivity. People even use the product as pre workout pills. In addition to this, it even helps to reduce hunger along with burning extra fat.  In order to gain the best results, you should make sure that you are not taking the pills for more than two days as it might stress the adrenal glands of the body.

  1. Ephedrine

This is another over the counter stimulant made of herbs from a Chinese plant called as Ma Huang. Chinese people have discovered this stimulant more than 2000 years ago to treat diseases like cold, flu, asthma, headache, edema, chills and other such symptoms. Even there are other over the counter products which include ephedrine as an ingredient to help people in asthma and cold remedies. Ephedrine also helps to improve thermogenesis. In addition, heart rate also speeds up and improves the metabolism and later can help in weight loss.

  1. Addrenna

This OTC stimulant contains other herbal ingredients such as bitter orange, yohimbe and guarana which can boost your energy and help you with weight loss. It even helps to improve brain power as it contains vitamin B. Make sure to take proper dosages of addrenna to get the right benefits, otherwise you may land up in troubles. Huge quantity of vitamin B in addrena explains its importance and improves the energy level and sheds out the excess weight of your body in safe manner.


By consuming these OTC stimulants you can gain benefits for life; however you need to make sure that you are discussing with your doctor about it. Though these stimulants are made of herbal ingredients, but they still might bring adverse effects if your health condition is no stable. The above mentioned three stimulants are recommended by the experts, so if you are planning of trying any one, have a look at them.


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